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The playoffs situation

The steelers are in because if the Raiders and the chargers tied the Steelers won’t be in .after today I will send out the playoff picture. In other news Klay Thompson return to the Warriors do last night and he was on fire for his first game he hasn’t played in maybe almost 2 years and he was on fire 🔥 and it was a good game.

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Playoff time…..Lets go!,, In the AFC 4th seed Bengals vs the 5th seed Raiders. We have the 3rd seed Bills vs 6th seed Patriots and the 2nd seed Chiefs vs 7th seed Steelers. Whoever wins this Chiefs v

It’s been a great season in football but this is where it ends we want to be so excited for the playoffs coming up was excited to see who would be the MVP in the Super Bowl champs for this year

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