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The 2021 NFL draft is here!!!!

School of Fish: The Miami Dolphins have made 615 draft picks over the years and Dan Marino is by far the best and most famous of their picks. Marino was drafted drafted 27th overall which is the best QB draft class ever that included John Elway (Broncos), Jim Kelly (Bills) and Ken O’Brien (Jets). Fly Eagles Fly: The Philadelphia Eagles have drafted 43 players in the first round in franchise history. Donovan McNabb is their most famous 1st round pick being drafted 2nd overall in 1999 from Syracuse passing on Ricky Williams and a bunch of QBs including Duante Culpepper (Vikings). In typical Eagles fashion, they booed the McNabb pick but little did they know McNabb would turn them from a losing to winning franchise.

Will the Eagles continue to fly with some great draft picks this year?

Who do you think the Dolphins will take this year to help Tua? The first round starts in on April 29th 2021 the second round and third round will be on April 30th while the fourth round will be on May 1.

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