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Lucas’ opinion on the Phoenix Suns

I’m certainly not saying that the Suns are bad at all. What I do have to say though is that I certainly didn’t expect the Suns to go to the 2021 NBA finals. My predictions were that it was going to be the LA Lakers vs the Brooklyn Nets. The reason why I chose the Lakers over the Suns is a couple things. One, as you may already know, LeBron James and his Lakers won the 2020 NBA finals, I 100% thought that LeBron will fight for the ring for the 2021 NBA finals because I felt like LeBron will never say “no” for an answer and just go after that ring. The second and final reason why I had the LA Lakers in the finals was because I feel that Anthony Davis and LeBron James are a better and more experienced duo then Deandre Ayton and Devin Booker and I felt like LeBron James and Anthony Davis are a more comfortable duo and will want to win a second trophy again in 2021. For the LA Lakers losing in the first round had me shocked and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Again, I am not saying that the Phoenix Suns are bad at all, but I felt like LeBron would have beat the Suns in the first round in 6. So, that is my, Lucas’ opinion on the Phoenix Suns in 2021. Thank you for reading my opinion and your time.

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